You can’t fire me, I quit (Lifehacking at 50+)

My massage therapist fired me.
She said I didn’t get massages often enough to help the kinks out of my back – That the occasional massage may feel good at the time, but within a day or two the knots return, and if it’s another month (or two!) until the next massage, it’s like she hasn’t done anything at all.
She said coming to her so seldom (read: when I can afford it) is a waste of my time and money.
So we didn’t book the next session, and I guess we won’t.
But I have all these questions. First, is it true that getting a massage – say, quarterly – doesn’t do anything to work the lumps out of the muscles? Surely it must do more – like move the sluggish fluids around (she always said to drink lots of water following a massage) and relaxing the whole bod. It must have some therapeutic value, no?
Second, was she being (a) truthful (b) realistic and (c) looking out for my resources, or was she trying to up-sell a standing appointment of once a week? If that was her goal, it backfired; I can’t afford once a week. Well, maybe I can, but I choose not to.
Or third, was there some other reason she doesn’t want me to come back? I did take a shower, but maybe I still smell like dandruff shampoo; or maybe I didn’t shave my legs close enough. Or she doesn’t want to talk to me while she’s doing bodywork.
I have been fired by hairdressers, cleaning ladies and pedicurists (that last one I can understand – my feet are disgusting). I have fired doctors, dogsitters, and a private investigator, once. But in every instance the reason for the break was clear.
This time it isn’t.
Have you ever been fired by a service person? Told not to bother coming back? How did you handle it?

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