She’s Baack!

Reasons why I haven’t written:

I couldn’t find my laptop
My right hand was paralyzed
I went temporarily blind
I was incommunicado in Fiji
I’m lazy as hell

Although the last one is probably closest to the truth, the truth is that the post I want to write was – is – very difficult and so inertia set in.

Fact is, folks, I’m changing my game and so the blog posts from here on will be different. They will be more about writing, and more about how I feel inside and how that translates to the page.

It started off easy because I just came off some successes, a couple of plays that were presented in Santa Fe last week. The talk afterwards was encouraging and any kind of encouragement is a shot in the arm for a writer. Along with that, I’ve been on a binge to (1) finish a couple of projects and (2) send them to places where they can be seen and/or heard. One is a children’s book, and one is the adaptation of a stage play into a screenplay.

It turned hard because I want to re-focus my writing into work that will help heal the world – bring people together instead of dividing them, showing their differences, making them afraid of each other and wedging them apart. I believe in bringing them together, and I’ve discarded several projects recently because they don’t fit this focus. (Geez, it only took me fifty years to discover that it’s about the work, it’s not about me.) Meanwhile, I will back up everything and grab the thumb drive in case the zombies invade.

So I’m gonna march down this road for a while. Who’s with me?

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